VTL MB-185 & Speakers?


I have a a pair of VTL MB-185 Signatures as well as a pair of B&W 801 Series 3 speakers (which I got a real good deal on). Everything that I've read suggests that the MB-185s may not be powerful enough for them, but they sound pretty darn good to me. However, I may not be getting even close to their true potential. Does anyone have any suggestions about how to improve this? Will using a B&W ASW 800 Subwoofer help? Anyway suggestions on other speakers? Hey!! While we're at it, I'm using a Counterpoint 5.1 preamp. Does anyone know if a Modulus 3A might be a better match?

I've never heard that amp, but I would think that a couple hundred watts per channel would be plenty to enjoy those speakers. I use a Bel Canto EVo4 in the bridged mode with good results. However, even when I use it in the stereo mode (200 watts) the sound is good. I've also heard that tube watts have a bit more kick per watt than solid state, so again, I think you have enough power to enjoy them.

However, if the amp has gain controls so you could match it up to another amp then I might consider trying a solid state amp on the bass and the VTL on the mid/highs. I'm real happy with the EVo on my Series 3's, but a digital amp is not for everyone. Hope you figure it out.
Thanks! I was thinking about running the woofers on a solid state amp. Actually I called Bea from VTL about doing that and got the pitch about having non integration and that I probaly needed the VTL MB450s. Hmmn? So, it I sell me MB 185s and come up with about another $1500.00... Wait!!! Why can't I just try my Luxman M117 on the woofers?