VTL MB 185 Signature any Good or Bad Comments

I just want to know if somebody had the chance to compare the VTL MB 185 to the CONRAD JOHNSON PREMIER 12???
did the VTL monoblock have the reputation to be reliable???
Rocc1007 - I have not heard the CJ but I ran VTL MB 125s in my system for about 4 years. I never had any problems with the VTLs whatsoever. IMO VTLs are extremely reliable. The bias did not drift but if it does it is very easy to adjust. I tried the 185s in my system and they were very nice but I felt I wanted more power. I have a fairly large room and my speakers are not an easy load so I ended up trying my first solid state amps. Hope this helps.
I have have had a pair of VTL MB 185 sig's for several years. I also have a CJ solid state 2300A. The 185's are wonderful in triode with a reasonable load. They are not capable or intended for difficult loads and inefficient speakers. For that you need the VTL 450. The CJ solid state is an excellent amplifier for difficult loads. I have no experience with the Premier 12.
VTL's of recent vintage are very reliable, the early models less so.
I agree with Braro, I currently own VTL MB-125's and they have been truly wonderful and completely trouble free (4 years since I bought them new). An acquaintance of mine has the 185's and also likes them a lot. P.S. I am thinking of selling / trading for a good SET, as I have efficient speakers and would like to try. Good luck with whatever you decide.