VTL MB 185

Hi all,
I’m thinking of buying a used pair of VTL MB 185 which are in the old style case. Was wondering if these are reliable compared to the newer MB 185 Signatures III. What period were these in production? I’ll be using them to drive some Focal Divas, with a Bat VK3i in balanced mode.
My suggestion to you is to contact the manufacturer, or it’s authorized dealer, whether they would still service it in case of trouble.

Do not buy if you got no response, or just an ’no’ or ’may be’.

My past ownership experience with classic VTL tube amps (the old cage ones) is negative. Big repair bills await you if the caps died on you. The Tiny Triode ***melted*** on me, in fact (think lotsa funny looking burnt syrup inside). That’s why the classic ones appeared to be dirt cheap.

Even if they worked out of the box, don't expect them to sound right nor optimal, without some serious investment (caps caps and caps)

The modern ones (the new cages ones) are way more reliable.

My suggestion would be not to buy used VTL amps..... they will treat you like a second class citizen if you don't buy new from an authorized dealer.   In fact years ago, when they had a "Lifetime Warranty"   I bought a used Stereo 50/50 and sent them all the info required for transfer.   Then about 3 months later the amp failed.... Luke Manley was so arrogant when he refused warranty service, saying simply " we don't do that anymore"    That repair cost $250, it died again six months later and they quoted me $600 for new transformers,  for an amp I paid $600 for....  Sold it on eBay for $350 as is.  He is a real scumbag....