VTL MB-125s or comparable single chassis unit?

I'm having a bit of a quandry here. I currently own the VTL MB-125 monos, which I really like. But do to space, they are not the best solution for me. I'm wondering if there is a single chassis amp that would be at least comparable for around $1600 or so (used). Or, possibly a smaller set of monos.

I have owned the VTL ST-85, which was nice, though a touch warmer than the MB-125s. In my opinion, the 125s lean toward the neutral side of things, which I prefer. I listen to a true variety of music, though mostly acoustic/vocal and jazz for actual listening. But I also move into alternative, classical and even the occasional hip-hop. I do like a neutral, smooth sound with a nice, though not etched, high end and a solid low end. I feel the push-pull tube amps are what I'm after, but I'm open to suggestions. I'd think power should be in the 100-125 wpc range.

Here's my system for matching thoughts:

Audio Note CD 2.1x
Audio Note M1 pre
VTL MB-125 monos
Gershman Acoustic Cameleon Speakers
Zu Ibis speaker cable
ICs from Zu, Voodoo, Acoustic Zen
Power Cords from Zu, Acoustic Zen and PS Audio
Chang Lightspeed 3200 and PS Audio Ultimate Outlet conditioners

Thanks much in advance!
The first thing that jumps to mind is the VTL ST-150, which uses 6550 output tubes (unlike the ST-85's - and your own 125's - EL-34's) for higher power and a more neutrally-voiced, extended sound (I say this based on my ownership of the 185's plus in-store auditioning of the stereo models), while retaining the switchable tetrode/triode option. Might not trade used quite within your budget, though ($4K new). But as for the possibilty of finding more compact tube mono's, good luck - I think VTL's are likely the most compact high-powered tube mono's out there. Some other stereo units to consider could include (again maybe not quite within this budget, but closest for earlier versions) the Audio Research VT-100, or the Music Reference RM-9 (in addition to the aforementioned VAC). For a slightly warmer sound with a bit less power, but definitely within the budget and easily found, you could also try a Conrad-Johnson Premier 11a...
CHECK OUT THE vac 100/100 AMP FOR 1500 HERE ON AGON...i own a vac amp very nice...well built and good sounding...
Sonic Frontiers Power2. Highly recommended and near your price range if used. 110 watts, great with jazz, blues, electronic, hip-hop, you name it.