VTL MB 125

These are great amps - detailed and very, very musical. I used them running magnepan 1.6's and found them to have plenty of power with exceptional detail and soundstageing. I would think they would be more than adequate for most home audio situations.
I've got em, and I love em... I put 1000hrs. on the original equip. Sovteks, then recently changed to a complete new set of Teslas (the Sovteks were still in great shape). There's more openness now, and a bit more of that natural richness I had been "yurning" for (my preamp is extremely neutral). The VTL's have been totally reliable and a real pleasure to own.I still go back and forth with the Tetrode/Triode depending on my mood and/or the particular listening selections... Try power cord upgrades too... I started w/ the ESP AV Pro Plus which was a nice step up from stock, then went to the Custom Power Cord Co. Model 11 which really let these things sing. - A highly recommended and well worthwhile improvement.They're great amps and an excellent value.