VTL L-2.5 vs Rogue 66 Preamps

Any comments on which would be the best buy for the money.Would be used to drive SS amp.
the rogue is very fine sounding. Impressively so for the price compared to Carys and AR. Don't know the VTL 2.5.
I'm using the VTL 2.5 with MC/MM phono section with a Bryston 4B pro with Synergistic Research IC's and speaker cables and am VERY pleased with the combo.
VTL has an excellent reputation and customer service is excellent also, IMHO.
I'm very happy with my Rogue Magnum 66 driving a Bryston amp. Not familair with VTL but understand they are also good products. I can also say that the people at Rogue are great to deal with!