VTL-IT85 or Classe CAP-151 for magnepan MMG

I am currently using a Classe intergrated with my MMGs. Although the Classe has plenty of power I do find it a little flat, ( maybe lack of tone controls? )remember hearing VTL450's with the 3.6's and was blown away. Considered swapping for the IT-85 for a little more warmth and better soundstage. I've tried placement all over the room and Im using analysis plus oval 12's. Room size is 20 x 24 and a little bright. Any comments or suggestions would be welcome. Thanks, John
I had a CAP-150 with my 2.7's for a couple of years... enjoying it before moving on. Keep in mind that 1) the room is a bigger element in the sound than the Amp, and 2) that you need to be happy with your front end before you start changing amps.
I doubt the Classe unit is causing this "flat" sound. I own Classe gear and they have a warm sound to them, just the opposite of what you are describing. I would work on the room first. When you get the room fixed, try a different set of cables. The oval 12's are the lowest quality of the AP line. Try a set of their "Solo" cables for each connection if you like AP, which is a major step up in quality. Or audition different cables from other vendors.
I too own Classe eq. and I think the problem lies in other areas, the room plays a huge role and speaker placement is most critical. Another thing is the current speaker wire, consider changing along with IC. Another helpful thing would be Tube traps or Echo Busters. Happy Listening
I would try some different speaker cables and interconnects. I know these are just MMG's, but a good quality speaker cable and interconnect can make or break it. I have MMG's and use MIT termiator 2's for interconnects and AP oval 9 speaker. (TV sound) For my 3.6's I use MIT ref level interconnects and MIT 770 series speaker. I also use Classe CA400 with the 3.6's. You might want to inquire over in the audio asylum planar forum.
Thanks for your suggestions, MrDerrick do you think the 9's are that much an improvement over the 12's? I used the 9's on my 3.6's (disliked those giant T1spades lol) and didnt really hear a difference over the 12's. Any opinions on Cardas hexlinks 5C? Thanks, John
I've never tried the 12's. I have WBT locking banana's on the ends. I'm shure the T1 spades would be a pain. I'also have 3.6's, but use MIT 770 & 770 tube in an active bi-amp set up.
comparing the mmg's to the 3.6 is unfair. I am not sure what you mean by "flat", my guess is not very full-bodied. With the mmg's (which I have too, with some mg-iii's and smga's) you don't get very good full sound like you get with the larger maggies. However, the high's may be a bit bright and skewing the sound. Try the included attenuators to see if toning down the highs helps at all--if they work consider getting some good Mills resistors to replace them. Also consider pulling off the back panel and rewiring the connectors to omit the fuse and attenuator connectors. The difference is STAGGERING, particularly for openness and imaging, but this can also brighten the highs--there's the resistors again. NOTE: wiring out the fuse also wires out the protection of the tweeter panel--and voids the warrenty. I have never blown a fuse on my SMGa's in 8 years or my mmg's in 1 year, so you would only need it in extreme conditions like turning up the volume all the way and then selecting a valid source--stupid stuff. The mmg's are a remarkable speaker for the money, but take out the fuse and it is a whole new world!
I have VTL-IT85 and MMG in my second system and it is very musical. It gives me 90% of the enjoyment that my main system gives me at less than 10% of the cost.