VTL IT-85 or Mcintosh MA6500

Hello, anyone out there ever owned these two integrated amps........ I have the VTL at the moment and it sounds nice. I've had Mcintosh gear in the past and liked it too. Haven't demoed the MA6500 yet, will A/B them soon. Just want some opinions on the two pieces of gear, wondering if one really outshines the other. At the moment I have Thiel 1.5s for my speakers. Thanks for looking.
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Stick with the VTL. Unless Mac has made a significant turnaround I'm not aware of, it's hands down VTL is more musical.

can you give us some more info as to why you say the VTL is more musical,have you tried either of the two unit's or had a demo with both of them ?

my curosity is alway's peaked when i see reccomendation's that give no reason as to why & come off looking vauge with no basis behind the reccomendation being given.
Apples and oranges here, your comparing a tube integrated to a SS. If a Mac integrated is what your interested in then listen to the MA2275 if its within your budget. This unit comes with 4 12ax7's ( 2 for tone and 2 for phono ) a pair of at7's and a quad of KT88's. Power output should be very close to your Vtl, FWIW Ive owned all 3 and my preference leans towards the 2275..that being said the 6500 was excellent also and very musical. In fact I prefered the 6500 over it's bigger brother the MA6900. Good luck, enjoy and let us know what your conclusions are.
I have listened to both the McIntosh MA6500 and the VTL with both Dynaudio 52se and Verity Audio Tamino X2. I was kind of surprised that the Mac sounded a bit two demensional, thin, and lacked the dynamics of the little VTL integrated as the Mac has much more power. I really liked the sound of the VTL, the base was deep and tight which I did not expect and it sounded more musical. I spent a lot of time listening to the VTL, the mac just didn't seem as enjoyble. I also listened to the Mac Tube integrated, I think that it is the 2275, and that sounded absolutley wonderful, but at a different price point. I do think though if your speakers needed the power the 6500 might be a better piece as it did sound nice, just not to the VTL.
Les here......... I'm gonna compare the two this sunday so check on this thread next week.
I have heard the two but at different times, in different rooms, with different speakers. Take my impressions with that in mind. The Mac had more bass extension. The VTL has more transparency and emphasis on midrange. Glad you are able to hear both to make your own comparison. Phil Brady.
Les here,Thanks for the response... Sometimes I wonder if I should start going back to seperates, just go ahead and sink the money into some reference gear and stop going sideways and start really upgrading. I think I'm addicted to hearing new gear every so often even if it's not a major upgrade.
I think I'm addicted to hearing new gear every so often even if it's not a major upgrade.
The first step to recovery is admitting it. :)
Befor I found this website I had an ARC SP-6b and an Acurus power amp for 5 yrs with no complaints or obsessive thoughts........ but it is a fun hobby, something to do. but then again ignorance is bliss.
So I went and A/B'd the two amps and the Mcintosh sounded a little punchier and had a nicer midrange to it and a slightly bigger soundstage.......... the extra wattage in the Mcintosh helped I guess............ but don't get wrong the Vtl has a nice sound too, a rawness from the tubes that I like.......... Any way that's my opinion from the direct A/B listening. I wish I could have them both in my home for a couple of days. So now I guess I'm gonna sell my VTL.
Les - I totally agree with your observations. Glad you found an integrated you really like. Enjoy the McIntosh.
VELO 62 suggested that I respond. I have owned Mcintosh equipment since the 60s. Now I have a Mcintosh 2200 pre amd 352 amp, with ATC SCM 20 speakers. The speakers are wonderful, but they need at least 100 watts, and the sound is just great. This system combines the tube sound with enough punch to run the speakers.

I am working on getting together a second system for downstairs and have tried to consider what to get. Mcintosh is coming out with a 6300 amp that is 100 wpc with newer technology transistors that Chuck Hinton of Mcintosh says will sound better. I am going to wait to hear that. But, I think that in the end, I will probably buy a 2275 tube integrated because the tube sound is so great. Hope this helps. (Velo, are you going to sell me yours?)
Sure Jerry, after the MA2295 comes out...; ), in the meanwhile buy Lesvan's It85.