VTL IT-85 integrated vs. Cary SLI-80 integrated

Have anybody compared these two amps? I heard VTL in a demo room, while I use the Cary at home. My initial impression about the VTL is that it sounds very clean, detailed and dynamic, while the Cary indeed has a darker character as someone suggested before. Any comments?

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I compared SLI 80 with VTL MB100 monos(no preamp, CD-player with volume control) both used when I made the definite decision towards VTL.
I always keep thinking that it would be better to spend a little more than the IT-85 & get (even the least expensive) VTL separates, if you're going to go VTL. For 2 reasons: the IT-85 doesn't have a lot of power; if you need more power, what are you going to do? The other reason is that IMHO the IT-85 looks like a toaster; it may be the least attractive VTL made. I owned a TL2.5 pre-amp & ST-85 amp, when I got tired of the limited power of the ST-85 I sold it & bought a much more powerful amp & used it happily with the TL2.5.

I haven't heard the SLI-80. I own a Cary SLP-98 pre-amp & a Cary CDP tho. Most Cary gear is beautifully finished & sounds wonderful. To me the sexy looks of the SLI-80 would count for a lot if you're on the fence between it & the IT-85. Just my 2 cents.
I considered the IT-85. The perfect upgrade path exists, the ST-85 (a matching amp only). Could never get VTL to reply to emails. Finally got VAC, but I'm sure the IT-85 would be nice. The Cary was also a consideration but the VAC gear was sexier.
My e-mails to VTL had never been unanswered. Something strange indeed.