VTL integrated? Rogue integrated? Or VTL pre?

Today in a store I heard dealer demos of a VTL 2.5 preamp for $1500, a VTL-IT 85 for $2200 and a Rogue Audio Tempest for $1750. Anyone have any advice as to which I shld go with?

The preamp would be paired for at least the next few years with a mediocre Yamaha amp/receiver (RX-385 if that means anything to anyone), but I'm prepared to a buy a new, reasonably priced amp somewhere down the line.

(Also, I got the sense from searching the web that the dealer was charging at least $200 more for each of these items than they should go for used.)

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks a lot.
I like Cary SLI-80 intergrated which my freind bought which can be had used for $1750 with 80 wpc.My freind replaced a CJ MV55 based CJ seperates combo and he loves it.But only problem is it has no matching amp if you want to laterally bi-amp.My next choices would be the Rogue or VTL which both have an amp you can slap on latter for bi-wire/amp speakers.VTL will give a bit more power.But have heard bad things about dealing with company if you need service.Rogue will give you a little less power (60 wpc).It uses KT88 which should give best bass but cost is greater than 6550 or EL34 amps.I'd go with Rogue.But check out used prices hear for their pre and matching amp.And with intergated or seperates lattter if you want in addditon to getting some MOS tubes, you could send it back to Mark O'Brien for upgrades (which ARE worth it).Get the Rogue.Your are getting great sounding stuff from a company run by a a hell of a nice guy who doesen't insult us price wise and should be supported for the quality product he makes that is very well priced.Either VTL or Rogue be they the intergrateds or the 2.5 and 66 respectively are value products that you'll dig.Check out Stereophile archives for reviews on line.
I compared the Cary to the Rogue.
In my house, the Rogue won. But some may prefer the Cary.
THe Cary is a Hell of a lot sexier, though.
The Rogue can use 6550s or kt-88 or KT-90 (havent tried these).

Mark(s) at Rogue are the best people that I have ever dealt with period.
I may have found an integrated that matches my speakers better, but since I'm currently checking out some different speakers as well, the jury is still out on which amp I'll be keeping (I have too much equipment lying around)
But I can definately recommend the Rogue.

One way to be sure is to ask the dealer if you can bring in your speakers... But then I think you should try and make a deal with that dealer, versus using his equipment and time and then buying online.
Just one man's opinion though.

$1750 isn't too bad for a Tempest, plus, if it is a Demo, you get the full warranty.
I just litened to the VTL IT-85 with B&W Nautalis 805 (my current speakers) The dealers source was the awesome Shanling T-100, I didn't have time to bring in my Rega Planet to audition the system , anyway the 805's were unbeleiavle with the VTL. The first cut was a vocal of Danny Boy that sent goose bumps up my arm, my wife who is not an audiophile but Irish none the less also was immediately captivated. I put down the latest Diana Krall Live in Paris track 7 and the soudstage opened up and the timbre from every note could be heard. YThe next choice was Keith Jarret Insidee Out, an audiophile himself you can be pretty sure the recording is up to snuff. What I listen for in "critcal mode" is the realism of the instruments, being a quasi musician myself I know what a sax, cymbal , or bass are supposed to sound like in real life. The VTL /Shandling?805 combo proved to be much more than I expected.

Ihighly reccomend the VTL IT-85 for the price point ~$2200 new it is hard to compare. I think your choice of the VTL would be a great upgrade in any system.

Others I've been considering for myself: Plinious 8100 or 8200, BAT 300 integrated (awesome but 4-5k is a little heavy) Levinson 383 int, another fav especially with resale value 5-10 yrs from now.

Most likely I'll opt for the VTL 85 int. maybe the Shanling (if my wife let's me)