VTL Deluxe pre amp

1 What are the tubes in the VTL Deluxe pre amp?
2 Are any of the tubes more important for sound quality?
3 If so, which ones?

I have a friend who has one but does not know hi fi and I want to buy replacement tubes for him.

thank you
Philo.Everyone seems to call up Kevin Deal at Upscale Audio.Maybe he has too much sway with systems out there!But I know folks who have bought Hifi from him and I was pleased with some replacement tubes I got.Tell your freind buying some New Old Stock (NOS) tubes explain what they and that especially ina pre they can be way to.I am sure some VTL owner will follow up with set in that pre though.

I own a vtl superdeluxe and previously had the deluxe.
depending on what source he will be using most phono/cd then I would spend the money on where I do the listening most.
if cd then the 12au7 are crucial (x2)if I recall.
phono then 12ax7 are important (x2) "

Also you can't neglect the (2 I think) 12at7 valves.
these are the valves in place from what I recall.

choices are wide but for me I would go with:

mullard cv4024 for 12at7 (good price on ebay from UK)
bought 4 for $40

PHONO section:
mullard 12ax7 (common)or GE jg5751(top of line)or rca blackplate etc...(5751 is the factor here)find the bargain and remember you invest for years so worth the money spent.

CD section:
rca cleartop(great valve)still cheap to get,many others though but for the money hard to beat,very open and good for the VTL deluxe since it has a tendency to be thick and heavy on the low end spectrum and not enough high end extention from what I recall(main difference with the superdeluxe which is more open.)

I am sure others will give their input,till then this is mine.

correction only one 12at7 in the deluxe and it would be located on the right end side when facing the preamp.

Thank you guys very much now I know what tubes to buy however, the reason I ask if any of the tubes are more important is because on my Rogue 99 Mark O'brien told me the phono tubes on the left (when looking from the front of the unit) actually contribute to 90% of the sound and the other tubes are not nearly as important. I wonder if the Deluxe pre is the same way, I was just trying to save money for my friend as he is not used to paying $200 to retube a unit.

BTW Asterix, how do you like the Super Deluxe? I heard they were really nice and always wanted to buy one when I had the Deluxe. Was it a big step up?

on the vtl deluxe there is only 5 tubes to replace versus 8 for the super del; 4 phono / 2 line /2 12at7.

is your rogue 99 an integrated or single amp?

my integrated uses 2 input signal 12au7 tubes and 6 el34 power output tubes.the signals valves are most crucial.

In the deluxe if you select the phono stage section the 2 12ax7 will be most important/if selecting cd line stage the 2 12au7 will play the main role and the last tube the lone 12at7 is the driver tube which power both (always in play).

the superdeluxe is a real departure from the deluxe,way more balance, open,airier at least from the deluxe I've owned, no comparison,also confirmed what VTL described at that time.

in their original black color.

These are scarI might put mine for sell since I do not need it anymore (just bought my unison research integrated)and thinking to buy a pure phono preamp that my friend is going to let me test.

my unit is mint/unmodified/no scratch and the top case on the separate power supply / main unit has been beautifully professionally repainted in a dark grey color leaving the front plates ce and in demand,
The last one I saw on auction on this site went for $700 +

If your friend uses the deluxe what do you use yourself for preamp right now assuming your rogue is not integrated?

My Rogue 99 is a pre amp with 4 6sn7's and if you buy the phono stage there are 2 12ax7's and you can put 2 of either (the usual) 12ax7, 12at7 or 12au7, depending on the gain you need. Mark told me only one tube in the input and output (I believe that is right) stage handle most of the sound.

Thank you for the helpful comments and I will talk to my friend and see what he wants.

As far as the Super Deluxe goes I am betting my Rogue is better yet (at least I hope so for $3000) and it has remote control. The phono section is supposed to be especially good and it sounds that way to me. I am sure your VTL is very nice and probably a better deal as far as the diminishing returns law goes.

thanks again, these details are not always easy to find.
to enhanced listening...............
there was a test/study conducted a while back from stereophile and absolute sound magazines;
they compared the phono stage in the superdeluxe and the rogue preamp.
the result found that the vtl had a much better harmonics, definition and presentation of the music.....>>

just jocking! :)

now seriously the vtl technology in the superdeluxe is older but unlike the deluxe it was designed specifically with turntable in mind.

meaning most of the money was invested in the phono section mc/mm and the mc section is first notch really.

will test my friend's 2 phono stages one english $2,500 of SS designed the other tube powered.

will see.

when new it cost $3,300 about 10 years ago.

that is one of the reason I still have it until i find a better phono stage it is here to stay.

hope your friend will be happy,aloha! thierry
WOW I did not know it cost that much. I thought the Ultimate cost around $3000 and that the Super Deluxe was farther down. I am sure it is very nice. Have you heard the Ultimate?

The phono stage in the Rogue is supposed to be about as good as the EAR phono that cost about $900.

I have been told the Rogue 99 Magnum that I have is about as good as the Audible Illusions 3A. I have not heard that many different pieces but can say this is clearly better than my old CJ PV10A.

sounds like a nice unit what do you connect it to?

I know the deluxe retailed for $1,100
the superdeluxe ~ $2,600 to $3,000 (maybe overpriced)
the ultimate closer to $4,000

interesting enough I did owned a cj pv10a and I was not impressed with it either,main difference with the SD vtl is the dynamics/bass(major)and liveliness in general.

this said the superdeluxe may not be as refined as some of the nice preamp made today, it is a very high powered preamp can drive any amp in a heart beat but also overdrive them;

may make the sound punchy/very dynamic (though some people like it)versus refined in my opinion.
right now uses only the phono section output to my unison research integrated and the sound has changed from less punchy to more refined/detailed.

I haven't had a chance to listen to the ultimate(monster design built it seems on a dual level)
I would think somewhat similar sonically to the SD.

soon looking for a nice pair of von schweikert VR-4 to complement the system missing the big sound and 20hz bass notes.

aloha! thierry.
I have a Plinius SA100 MKIII. I just replaced Rogue Magnum 120 monoblocks (3 12AX7's and 4 6550's per side) and the Plinius loses a little in the midrange and is more detailed top to bottom and far better bass definition and nuance. Overall the Plinius has better tone but has the slightest amount of a quality I associate with solid state (slightly thin maybe).

I have Maggie 1.6's which I think live up to their hype.

I am about to buy some Alpha Core MI2 speaker wire and need to find IC's. I have Nordost Blue Heaven speaker wire and IC's right now. I might buy some Innersound IC's their speaker wire is amazing, I just do not want to spend $600 right now for it.

I agree the CJ is boring, too smooth, but a lot of people like it and I still have to sell mine.

take care