VTL Compact 80 Issue

Last night I went to check the bias of the amps as I had not done so in a while. I somehow over did the rotation of the bias pot for one of the tubes and it started to glow bright red. I realized what I did and proceeded to turn it down but now the tube glows red at any pot setting and the multi meter reads 1 volt no matter what I do.

Exactly what did I do, what is wrong, and what do you believe is the fix? I realize its hard to diagnose over the net based on a simple description and I will be taking my amp in for repairs after the holidays but for now i want to know as much as I can what the possible isses are with the unit. Thanks
You might have damaged the tube. Try changing the tube.
You've damaged 1k resistor that you actually read the bias voltage from and tube as well.
You can order this or a few resistors from OM.
Check if there's no visual damage (leaks, blown like baloon) to electrolytics for offset supply of that tube.
Bias circuit in VTLs is one of the most amature and unreliable. Sending for the service to VTL will cost you half of your amp's cost minimum. Would not recommend VTL if there's no DIY electronic skills.
Don't try sticking another tube in there as you could damage any tube you try putting in that spot until you determine what the problem is and fix it. I no longer repair VTL's.