VTL Binding Post - Sources?

I have a pair of VTL MB-450 amps who's speaker binding posts have become brittle and are starting to crack. I'd like to replace the posts and thought I'd check to see if anyone knows where I might find a direct replacement part of equal or better quality? Even a part number if known.

I've called VTL but they are still checking to see if they can sell me the parts and how much they would cost. Thanks for your help.
I had VTL 250's, my buddy had the 450's. We both replaced VTL's OEM posts for un-plated Cardas which are far better quality than original.

You'll want the short posts. The longer ones are used in speakers. They'll easily fit in your chassis and I personally wouldn't be concerned about resale.

Thanks for the helpful replies, I've only hand tightened, but I do have a good grip. 8~)

I found these short post options from Cardas, by unplated did you mean copper? Also one from Vampire with Red / Black marking the Cardas misses. Might any or all of these work? Thanks again.




My personal preference is the Cardas un-plated(bare copper); your second link.

Spacing for the new posts should be exactly the same as VTL's but I'd make sure before you order them. Remember what the carpenter said, "measure twice and cut once".

Good luck.