VTL B+ Fuses

Hello Folks:

I need to purchase these unique fuses for my MB-450 monoblocks and am wondering if there is a good source on the east coast that sells them for a price less than what VTL has to charge due to their overhead. The fuses supplied are Bussman K2K 2.5.


When I needed some I went to a local electronic supply store. Radio Shack didn't have them. If you buy a bunch you'll never need to replace them again..Murphy's Law.

I had the same need about a month ago; a couple 'goners recommended this guy and I do now as well.

"Contact this ebay member and get exactly what you are looking for for cheap: brooklynqueenselec"
The one's I had in my MB-450's were were KTK-2.
Yes the KTK-2 is the "Buss" part number, also the "Limitron" brand that was in my MB-450. Brooklynqueenselec has the equivalent of KTK-2 in "Gould" (ATM-2) and in "Littlefuse" (KLKD-2) - I got the Littlefuse and they work fine.
If your interested in some hi-end fuses check out this link
I use these in my VTL MB-185 and they sound great

they are on eBat for about $5.00 each.  Limitron are super fast acting fuses.  No doubt they are in the VTL to protect the B+ transformer windings.  Regular fuses have to melt to break, Limitron blow on over amperage instantly.  Limitron is the brand the Fluke uses, so there must be a reason.

My VTL MB-450 have KTK-2 two amp rated, KTK2-2 is 2.5 amp rated and that is a 25% amp increase....not a good idea since the amp is rated at 2 amps.