VTL and Manley

Help me understand what the relationship between Manley and VTL is. Are the so close and similar products that the differences are minor? Did the son take the fathers design and go start there own company. Any help, would be great. I want to replace a SS amp with tubes. ... So much music, so little time. Luc
My understanding is that David Manley and his son Luke started VTL together. While David was more of an engineering type, Luke wanted to develop a reliable, cost efficient product. After a while David left VTL to start Manley Labs. Luke stayed on at VTL and devoted his time and energy to developing a consistently manufacturable product. VTL used to be known for being excellent sounding but high maintenance equipment. Now, at least according to the reviews I have read, they make an excellent sounding. well made low maintenance product.
Try Quicksilver Amps, much better and awsome sounding equipment.
David and his son Luke Manley owned VTL and then David married EveAnna who worked at VTL and after a few years David and EveAnna sold their interest to Luke. David and EveAnna started Manley Labs together but David took off a few years ago and EveAnna has bought him out and now she owns and runs Manley Labs. You can go to http://www.manleylabs.com/bioeveanna.html and read EveAnna's interviews, they are quiet interesting and tell the story. Manley Labs has over 40 employees and is one of the biggest audio companies in the US. Over 85% of their business is done in the pro (studio) industry.
I own Manley Designer Reference 250 mono amps ($9,000 retail) and they are outstanding!! I previously owned the Jadis Defy 7 MkIV and Levinson 27.5 and these mono's are CLEARLY superior. I've also listened to the VTL MB450's in my system and although I do prefer the Manley's, the MB450's have a similar character. Considering that the tube complement is different (Manley: 10 EL34's/side, VTL: 8 6550's/side), I would guess that the circuitry is very similar (better parts in the Manley's though). EveAnna is wonderful to deal with as well. Nice to have a bonofide "tube babe" in the industry!!
Excuse me, that was not a Freudian slip! I mean bonafide.
I want to echo the sentiments of many above. I also want to say that a company is a reflection of the people who work there and run it. VTL is a more traditional audio company. Manley, under EveAnna's direction, is a brash, in your face, fun company. Check out the StingRay integrated. It looks like something ready for the X-Games. The fact that they are into pro audio makes them look at things from a musician's(rock and roller) perspective. Their products are unique, not traditional, and most of all, fun. I only have heard a few of them, but they are quite different than VTL. Less afraid to be "classic tube", as opposed to being neutral. More flamboyant. VTL is more new style tube. Just take a look at the tubes they use and you'll see. VTL uses mostly 6550's(closer to a neutral sound). Manley uses tubes on the other end: EL84, EL34, 300B(classic in your face tube). Both are great companies, we are lucky to have both, and need more like both.