VTL amplifier Tube brand

Does anyone know what brand of current production tubes VTL is shipping new units with KT88 or 6550 power tubes in their amps as of late?  Time to think about replacement as I’m coming up on 2200 hrs or so and want to get these ready to switch over for my fall/winter amps.  Too hot to run the siegfrieds in Arizona in the summer.....AC in that room never shuts off...Thanks all!
Is VTL’s website down?  
The VTL site says 6550 or KT88 for each amp so presumably the customer can choose at the point of purchase.
I own a pair of MB-185 mono blocks that I am currently selling that I bought used with Tung-Sols. They sound fabulous. I am not sure if that was the original tube but they are a good match.