VTL 750 Reference multicap upgrade to infinicaps ?

has anybody ever did this upgrade? sonic results?
VTL 750 REFERENCE multicaps Upgraded to infinicaps ?
Mejames, I swear, I really didn't see this thread before I posted my one above...great minds and all that! :-) Best of luck, I'll be checking back...
Ask Michael Percy and He'll answer that infinicaps are no better than multicaps RTX. They're simply perfect. Did you make a signature trans upgrade yet?
Mejames, don't think the Inficaps are an "upgrade" to the multi-caps? When upgrading the caps in my former Manley Ref250's, the price of the upgrade to Infinicaps vs. multicaps was the same. I chose the multicaps over the Infinicaps because I was told the Infinicaps were more detailed, but also more "thin" sounding.
Marakanetz, I believe that all VTL Reference amps have been produced only with the Signature transformers, no upgrade possible...

Germanboxers, when I spoke with Luke Manley about their coupling cap upgrade for my 185's, he talked about the Infinicaps as being one of two possibilities, with (I think) them having a somewhat 'lighter' sound, but I thought the other possibility was something called Auricaps, though I may be remembering that incorrectly...
when the reference 750 was originally released it used the multi caps which were subsequently updated to infini caps few months later. I purchased pair with multi caps last week the upgrade is $2k so wanted someones opinion who's actually had the upgrade regarding the sonic changes.
Mejames- Though I don't own the VTLs, I've done quite a bit of design and upgrades using many different caps. My preferences may not be yours, but I would strongly consider upgrading using the copper foil-in-oil caps from Audio Note (with an occasional VTV silver alloy bypass cap!). Though different film type caps do not sound the same, I tend to prefer the multicap PPFX-S tin foil, and depending on the location in the circuit, bypass them with an RTX cap, over most of the other film types. The exotic teflon caps are quite good, but very expensive, and I still found that I would mix and match to get the sound I was looking for out of the component. I'm just suggesting that you may find that a different sound may not be a better sound in all areas. This is where DIY projects can yield great gains for minimal cost and effort. Good luck.