VTL 7.5 S3 vs Jeff Rowland Corus with PSU

Currently  own the Jeff Rowland Corus with larger PSU power supply and am considering a VTL 7.5 S3 preamp. Anyone hear both and able to comment if this would be an upgrade or side step. Speakers are Wilson Sasha DAW with Krell FPB 300c. 
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i spent an enjoyable few hours yesterday with VTL pre and amp running Vandersteens ( 7 mk2) with a Brinkmann Etna front end...awesome sound and I have heard similar with top flight ARC. 

hopefully at the level you are at, local dealer can enable at home in your system demo...

have fun, enjoy the music...
I have the Corus and new PSU as well.  I think it is superlative, but FWIW I don't think bass definition is its strongest suit.  I would be very curious about the 7.5 mkIII as it was my other top choice before going with Rowland.  Pairing it with my 625 S2 was a natural choice but I am still wanting to hear the VTL.
I will be auditioning the 7.5 s3 in my system in the future and comparing to the Rowland. I may be wrong but  my thoughts are that the bass will be better with the Rowland than the Tube preamp. I’ll keep you posted when I hear it.
Mildly OT:  does anyone know what brand 12AU7s VTL uses in the 6.5 II preamp?  Much thanks.