VTL 6.5 vs any pre for the same Dollar or less

I have listen to the akurate DS by Linn and have fallen in love with its detail and continuity of sound and staging. I may have ruined my self by listening to the DS with the VTL 7.5 preamp. I can not afford this beast but the 6.5 is in reach. Please offer your insights to a similar preamp for the same 11.5k or less. Used preamps are fine. Please offer any insight that you may have and offer your systems details so I can dig your set up.
There is a 7.5 available now on Agon for less than $7995.
Lysaker, take a look at my review here on the GON on the Audio Valve Eklipse, it bet out performance wise preamps up to $20000.00 in my system. Audio Valve is a German company so the build quality/parts/design has that German/Swiss craftsmanship in spades. It retails for $4900.00, which I think is amazing based on performance vs cost ratio.
Tube Research Labs Dude preamp $3500 will go toe to toe with preamps costing 6X the price. No phono section or remote, but great sound for reasonable cash.
How coincidental,I had just flipped Lysaker a pm this a.m. suggesting he may want to reach out to you.Enjoy the rest of your week.