VTL 5.5 Phono Section....

Like a bird sensing it must migrate, like a flower turning towards the sun, I always knew analog was the true source for me. (How do you guys like my cliche poetic images) I have the VTL 5.5 preamp, no phono section. Has anyone tried the factory installed phono section? I think its about $900. Or would I do better with an outboard phono preamp? If so , which one? I am very new to all this. By the way, if someone is looking for a value system that can compete with anything out there, I think I have it, in my humble opinion. Audio physic Virgos, Audio physic Rhea subwoofer, VTL 5.5 pre, VTL ST-85 amp, naim CD-5. The RHEA locks into the system, you cant tell where it is.
In fact, you cant tell where the sound is coming from in this system. Turn off the lights, the musicians have a spooky, palpable prescence......
I have the VTl 5.5 with the factory installed phono section which is superb. It supports MM and MC. I would not look elsewhere becuase it is a perfect match.

I have a question for you - what Interconnects are you using with the pre-amp?
I, too, would opt for the factory-installed phono section. If that is not a viable option for whatever reason, VTL makes a great phono stage (VTL TP2.5).

I have been using a couple of others with good results that can be aquired used for something less than $900. One is the E.A.R. 834P (tube). Another is the Blue Circle BC23 (solid state). I bought each for under $700. The BC has DIP switches that can be set to almost any specifications desired.