VTL 2.5 with Simaudio W-3

I'm considering a tube pre-amp for my SS Simaudio power-amp.Did someone heard the combination, and can give his comment for the integration between the two ?
Which other pre-amps can function well with the Sim, at the price range of the VTL?

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I have a W5 and a W8 and have a Supratek. I have heard the W3 and its got the same signature as its big brother, the W5. Get a Supratek and you will be done! The 3000+ thread is not hype, this preamp is amazing!

Good listening
I've tried three different tube preamps with my W-3 over the last few years. The BAT VK-3i was great, providing lots of tubey goodness, texture, and a huge soundstate. My current Sonic Frontiers SFL-2 is even better detail wise, with a bit less of that 'tubey' sound. My biggest disappointment was an Audible Illusions Modulus 3A; my unit was a nearly new example, but the gain was so high it sounded bright and grainy with the W-3, and had virtually no usuable volume adjustment range. The M3A also burned through pretty much every tube I fed it in short order.