VTL 2.5 preamp not too shabby

I recently acquired a VTL 2.5 for $775 locally. Wow!!! I'm very impressed given money spent. Very musical and detailed. Has lots of features and inputs which I like. The Sonic Frontiers Power 2 I'm using can lean towards analytical depending on component match and setup.
However, so far with the VTL it seems a good match. Rest of system is QUAD 22L2s, Jolida JD 100 Underwood Lvl 1 cd player. Any other Agoner's with good experiences and suggestions on tubes? It currently has JJ Teslas. I was tempted to try Amperex or even Mullards for a slightly warmer presentation.
I just sold mine. I used Telefunkens and Mullards in the line stage and RAM Low Noise in the MM stage. I rotated various single tubes in the MC stage. It is an excellent preamp.


What preamp did you go to? Thanks.
I decided to change the sound of my system. No issues with the 2.5 but, well, you know this hobby. It's one of the half dozen best I've owned. I'm replacing it with a Musical Fidelity A5cr. It should be here by the end of the week.

Do you know if yours is the v.1 or v.2? It won't say on the unit, you have to call VTL w/the SN to find out. And does yours have the phono stage?

Sorry, I don't know about diff. tubes, but you can call VTL & usually talk to Luke's wife I think, very smart & helpful.

After 5 years, I replaced mine with a Cary SLP-98 (at twice the cost). But I sure enjoyed the 2.5 TL while I had it.....
Which version is supposed to sound better... V.1 or V.2 ? I had a 2.5 with a nice metal remote and another 2.5 with a plastic remote. I liked the newer unit with the plastic remote better. It just sounded better all around. I finally sold the unit with the metal remote.
I had a TL-2.5 for a few years. I used Mullard or Brimar 12AT7's and Cifte and Brimar for the 12AU7's. Funny it really liked the cheap Chinese tube that came with it.

I moved to a Musical Fidelity 308cr full function pre amp last year. I can't afford the VTL's TL-6.5.
Vegasears, "I moved to a Musical Fidelity 308cr"

How do you like it and how did it compare to the VTL?

My version has the plastic remote. I will acquire some 12AT7 Mullards soon and give those a shot.

The VTL 2.5 (line stage only) just replaced a TAD 150 Signature which is also a nice preamp for the price range. The TAD had slightly wider sound stage but the VTL is more detailed, refined. The VTL also has more inputs. I have numerous components - Sansui TU-517 tuner, Sony reel to reel, Arcam DV-137 used for SACD, HDCD, Luxman G-11 EQ (used only for compensating for poorly mixed material via the tape monitor function), JBL subwoofer. Jolida tube cd player as previously noted. I use a modded Cambridge 640P phono preamp so an internal phono pre is not required. The TAD has a phono section but is not that good to be honest. Overall, I'm happy with the move. My brother has a Joule LA-100 MkIII and really likes it. That may be my next step up the food chain so to speak. As another Agoner noted we are never satisfied and the quest for better audio continues.
Thanks Paul
The TL2.5 is amazing! I just cannot wait to get some of the same make amplifiers. Does anybody know if their new series 2 TL5.5 is available yet?
Narrod, The MF 308cr took my system to the next level. From the moment I plugged it in IT's BEEN WOW!...That's what I've been missing. I can gush on and on...

IMMHO The VTL TL-2.5 has a slightly warm solid state sound. Which can be a good thing with the right equipment. I always wanted it to lush.
Bottom line is that I prefer 'tube' sound, but not overly tubey. The SF amp is not really tube like but mates very well with the VTL 2.5. Certainly sounds tube like yet with good bottom end and snappy dynamics. I'll be keeping this preamp for a while. Tube types and quantities for the VTL make tube rolling a not so costly affair.

I do miss the rolling tube thing. It sounds like the 2.5 has fit into you system perfectly. I did talk to VTL about up grading mine with a phono stage but never followed up on it. Heck, I spent a year looking for a used TL 5.5 with a solid black face, never warmed up to the two tone look. Enjoy it you have a great Pre.
I use Wurlitzer branded old RCA 12AX7 on my TL-5.5, and it sounds wonderful. I've also tried various other brands such as Telefunken, Siemens, Philips Mini Watt, etc, and RCA brings out the best for me. If you like your TL-2.5, definitely keep TL-5.5 in mind as upgrade path.
I need to replace the tubes in my VTL 2.5. What would you recommend and where is a good place to buy new tubes. Thx
I have the 2.5(not sure which version) running with a VTL ST-150 tube amp and a Yamaha M-80 SS(class A up to 20 watts).I love it!!When I first got it I only had the Yamaha.I bought the 2.5 used here on A-gon for 700.00.It was hands down the best money I ever spent.It came with some used Mullards which sounded fantastic but didn't last long.I brought it to a local VTL dealer right after I picked up the ST-150 and had both units completely retubed.The tubes came right from VTL.They both sound great!I run the ST-150 with a pair of Klipsch Chorus 2's(I know,I know..but I am a volume junkie!),and the Yamaha runs some KEF 104/2's and another pair of Klipsch.I am very happy so far with the VTL equipment and am actively seeking a used 5.5.I can't wait to grab one of those!
If you can get that Power 2 to sound like music, you have accomplished quite a feat. Still, you should look at grabbing a used ST-150. It is so much better than the SF it is almost laughable....

(Shakey) I do not appreciate your comment '... almost laughable'. There's no need to knock someones choice in gear. The purpose of the Forum is to share information and offer support. If if you feel this way about my Power 2 amp there's certainly a better way to word it. If you see any future post from me do not respond.
The VTL 2.5 is a fine preamp. When I first heard one I was impressed with its big full soundstage. I think that VTL refers to it as sounding luxurious, I would agree. It also appears to be well designed with a hefty build. The only thing that I could nit-pick on was the slight detectable grain in the upper register. But in all fairness I was using highly sensitive horn loaded speakers that are extremely revealing paired with a solid state amp. Overall I would give this preamp high marks and could easily recommend to anyone looking to buy a great sounding tube preamp for a sane price.