VTF Question/Opinions

A lot of people have different opinions I find on VTF. The manufacturer suggest 1.6 to 1.8. People say to stay near the low end and others say to stay near the high end of the number. What about setting it at the manufacturers nominal rate at 1.7? What are your opinions?

It depends on the cartridge. Some like it a little heavy, some like it light. You have to play around with it, to see what sounds best for you.
Go with best sound if you can perceive a difference within the recommended range, but if not, don't be afraid to set VTF at or near the top of the recommended range. Calibrations for VTF aren't always accurate, and too light a VTF will be more damaging to your records than one that's a little heavier, so err on the side of clean tracking ability (no loss of stylus contact) for the most highly modulated recorded passages.