VTF Question for dummies

Should one measure VTF before or after setting anti-skate.

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Did you see the link I gave you in your other post? The guy being interviewed is one of the best TT setup people you'll find. In the article he shows you what order to do things, and explains why.
Zd542, sounds interesting will you share the link?
turntable setup
Set the VTF with anti-skate on zero.

This is the link I was referring to.
This is a terrific link, thank you. Wish I had read this years ago.
"08-16-14: Crubio
This is a terrific link, thank you. Wish I had read this years ago."

That article was taken out of a publication called The Audio Perfectionist Journal. Its been out of print for a few years, but it was the best resource on high end audio I've ever seen. It was also released on pdf. If you ever come across some old copies, don't hesitate to get them. Unfortunately, I don't know what happened to mine or I would have posted them.
Crubio....if you set the A/S before VTF, you'll be lucky if the arm remains on the table long enough to measure it ;^)
Weigh the arm without anti-skate, and then don't use anti-skate at all...


On a related subject, do you all use the Hi-Fi LP to set A/S ? I can't seem to get the third track (+16db) not to mis-tracking, I have never been able to do the 4th (torture) track. On the +15db evenly spaced tracks, the sound mis-tracks as well. BTW, I have a Schroeder Model 2 FW and a Dynavector XV1S on a Technics SP10.
Crubio....I just told the original poster not to use anti-skate.....that goes for EVERYONE
As I and many others have posted on this and other forums repeatedly for 10+ years, the HFN&RR test LP is worse than useless for setting A/S. Its design concept is flawed and the directions that come with it are misleading.

Virtually every newbie who uses its so-called anti-bias tracks assumes that they're some sort of "test" that should be "passed". Therefore, they attempt to set A/S and VTF so that their rig can track the last (toughest) track cleanly.

THIS IS WRONG, and invariably leads to excessive A/S and VTF settings. This will shorten the life of your cartridge and smother life out of your music.

VTF should be set with A/S at zero and it must be adjusted by listening. Until you can do this confidently, leave A/S at zero.

Once you're confident that you've tweaked VTF to the nearest .01g or so by listening, you may play with A/S. This also must be set by listening, there's no measurment you can take that will do it better.

Many (including Stringreen and me) find that their rig sounds best with no A/S. I actually removed the A/S device from my tonearm, which slightly lowered its sound floor. YMMV, since different arms and cartridges respond differently, but you'll certainly need FAR less A/S than the HFN&RR anti-bias tracks indicate - even if you use them correctly.