vtf-2 versus stf-2 subwoofer

I was going to purchase a VTF-2 from HSU Research when
I noticed an STF-2 model that is $100 cheaper and 200w
versus 150W. Has anyone heard about the STF-2 and its'
BASH amp? Do you think the STF-2 will garner as good
reviews as the VTF ones have?
I suspect it will be very good, but too new for any feedback. Also no photo of back of unit......have to hope they kept same flexible control features especially the 30-90hz crossover feature as VTF2.

I see they wised up and feature metal cones now as feet, this is first thing I did with VTF2 was to put large brass cones under it, major improvement in performance. The price is amazing if it can match or improve on VTF2 performance.

Anyone plan on getting new STF2 unit from HSU? (I may get one in the near future along with other HSU subs I already own)
I just ordered one on tuesday, I suspect it will be here next week. I called hsu and asked the man there what the differences were between the two, he told me they both use the same woofer, cabinet design, and controls, only the STF-2 doesn't have the variable port and is locked in low extension mode. He also said the amp was a larger unit on the STF. I ordered one for 399 no shipping, saving $100 by not getting the variable port. The man also told me a STF-3 is basically a VTF-3 without the variable port, locked in max output mode. I have seen pics of the STF-2 back panel too, at this address.
After checking the rear photo of STF2 I see a problem for 2 channel stereo users, the two low level RCA inputs found on VTF2 are replaced by single "sub" RCA with STF2. Good for home theater set-ups, but 2 channel preamps/integrateds usually don't have "sub" out feature.

They really should offer both methods of connection even at this low price level.......also I don't like to use speaker cable connection method offered so two low level RCA inputs are a must for me with any sub.

I checked with HSU and the soon to be released more expensive STF3 will have two low level RCA inputs.
STF3 is a good deal at $599 which is cheaper than VTF3 and has improved design (down firing) and more power.