VTA on Rega for Denon DL 103

The beauty about using Rega' s own cartriges on their turntable is that they dont require any VTA adjustments to play at their best.
With luck, your favorite cartrige might share a similar configuration and dispense you the need to purshase any of the VTA adapteur availlable on the market.
I was wondering if the Denon DL 103 fall in that group ?
Well, the Denon has a spherical stylus, and so isn't overly sensitive to VTA or even geometry issues, though of course an effort at optimization should be made. Do not fear but forge bravely ahead!
Yes, but VTA optimization is not available when you are using the Rega table nude or " au naturel ".
Will the not so fussy Denon only accommodates itself well within the single VTA position imposed by the Rega system or will it " feel right at home " ?
I use the smaller of the two spacers, available from your Rega dealer, with the 103D. I believe that it is 2MM.