VTA for Sumiko tonearm?

Hello all,

I have a sumiko ft-3 tonearm on my VPI. Both were bought used. The sumiko, I noticed a while ago, doesn't have a VTA. Is there a place I can get one? Sumiko themselves do not make parts for the tonearm anymore. Or, should I invest in a new tonearm, like a jelco or something like that. What would be more inexpensive?

VTA is something that is best set so that the majority of LPs sound just fine. A set-and-forget thing! You will drive yourself nuts trying to. optimize VTA for every LP!
If you wish to persist in this neurotic behavior then, yes, buy a Jelco with the adjustable VTA!
Are you talking about the VTA on the fly device that is quite rare, or simply the base collar that mounts to the tonearm board that uses a grub screw on the side to allow the arm to be set at a particular height?
The base collar. As of now I have to do gross adjustments with the entire tonearm column. 
The FT-3 had an "on-the-fly" (although it was far from it, pretty jerky movement) adjustment.  So it had a base base for mounting the tonearm in and then a secondary locking collar that had the VTA assembly on it.  here is a picture:


Which piece are you missing?

@mofimadness Thanks! It's that triangular piece with the threaded steel pillar. That's the part that's missing.
Unfortunately Sumiko doesn't make those any longer.  Sorry.  If you could find someone that has one and would let you borrow it, it could be copied at a machine shop quite easily.  Now you have just a regular tonearm, but it should work and sound fine without the VTA assembly.