VTA For Scoutmaster

I am about to break in a new cartridge on my Scoutmaster, and want to get the VTA right. Where would be the proper starting place? The cartridge came to me setup on the TT form VPI, they told me wait until the break in period was over before trying to adjust the VTA. I just want to get some good info from other VP{I owners.
I'm still tinkering with my new Superscoutmaster/heavy platter/Benz Ebony, but right now at tracking at 2.2 grams, the arm looks a bit low relative to the head shell.

Optimal VTA/SRA depends on the cartridge, not the turntable or tonearm. Advice from other VPI owners will be no more (or less) useful than advice from owners of other rigs. What would be especially useful is advice from other users of your new cartridge. Your experience is likely to mimic theirs no matter what rig they're using it on.

Most cartridges like to be roughly level with the record surface but there are exceptions. Most Shelter owners play slightly tail down. Many VdH owners play slightly nose down. ZYX's work best when level. Etc.

Tpsonic's advice is a reasonable and quick method to get started if you know nothing of a cartridge's characteristics.

Starting with the cartridge (rather than the tonearm) level is about as quick, and perhaps more likely to get you near the sweet spot.

There are more accurate methods for dialing SRA in by visual means, as detailed on this thread, but they take much longer to implement. Maybe worthwhile though, at least a few times, to help you learn what it's about.

Any visual method is just a starting point. Fine tuning must always be done by ear, as Tpsonic said.
Start with the arm level with the platter.Raising the back of the arm/lower VTA will strengthen the lower frequencies and add weight.Raising will articulate the bass and add sparkle.