VTA for ADC XLM II Improved

Just bought a NOS cartridge and need a reference to set proper VTA. I am experiencing something weird and I think it is improper VTA. I am getting distortion that sounds like overmodulation or a cartridge that is tracking way too light. Looking for the normal areas to judge as a physical reference for tracking angle are a little difficult on this cartridge. I tried aligning the plastic surrounding the stylus and that does not work-still distortion. Using different refernces Istill do not think I have enough. I have increased VTF from spec 1.2 to 1.4 and that makes it worse. The tonearm is still less than level. If I look at the stylus there is a flat section where the stylus is mounted should that be even with the record? Help
I believe cartridge is defective, distortion is getting worse. Sending back and Alan at Bluz Broz is taking care of me, actually sending a new copy and another NOS he wants me to compare it to. Great company to deal with.