VTA - again.....

For those of us that don't have easily adjustable VTA, does one adjust it for best sound with a 180gr LP? That way, both the "normal" and 200gr LP's would be slightly off. I know this is a compremise, but anything else would be too.
I have mine set for 180 and use a thin felt mat that I made to raise up skinny lps to that approximate height and just go with it for 200gr. It does make a very noticeable difference. Having an arm with easy vta is a big plus and something I will definetely have some day.
One more thing - there is a guy named Pete Riggle http://www.vtaf.com/ that sells an after market VTA adjuster that is reportedly works very well.
That doesn't fit the Pro-ject arms.
04rdking, Too bad that Pete's solution won't work for you. Unfortunately, finer VTA adjustments can make a significant difference and of course that includes adjusting for various records.
This might help you:


Have Fun!