VTA adjustment on Audiomeca Romance/Roma

I just bought a new Benz Reference 2 Silver cartridge for my Audiomeca Romance/Roma turntable. Using the screw on the collar at the pivot level, I tried to bring the arm parallel to the platter with no success. I need to lower the arm at the pivot and cannot bring it down further.

Is there a way to bring down the entire arm assembly? I can see a screw coming from the turntable base and going into the arm base and there is about 3/4 inch of space between the turntable base and the arm base.

My other alternative is to use spacers between the cartridge and the arm head.
I found the answer at:

I have semilar prpblem. Could you please provide me the informatio on how to resolve it. have been trying to get on the webpage that is recommened for some answers but it kept comming up with no such site. Thanks