VTA adjustment for REGA

Hi everyone interested, I recently purchased a Dynavector 10x5 to mount on my REGA P3/24.Right away I could see this cartridge and RB301 tonearm work very well together. I also noticed the sound while very engaging top to bottom was lacking in impact and dynamics. I ordered a custom 3mm spacer for the 3 point mount from the great people at Groovetracer.It was easy to install and it wasn't hard either. The improvements in sound blew me away, everything I read about this Dynavector 10x5 came true :-) I am so glad I took the time to raise the back of the tonearm, prior to this the arm was riding dead horizontal, now it has a slight forward rake...much needed. It is amazing to me how you hear things like "REGA dosent recommend the use of spacers or record clamps" I use both and I wouldnt use this table without them.
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I have Michell with Technoarm and Michell VTA adjuster does much better job than just spacers giving you an ability to adjust at any height to fine-tune the sweet spot for your pickup.
I use Acoustic Signature stainless steel spacers on my heavily modified RP3 with great results. You can adjust VTA from .5 to 6.5 with these spacers and you don't have to remove the tonearm. Just loose the screws and slide in!

However, set it once and forget it! Rega arms are not recommended for people who regularly like to swap carts.

Be careful with clamps on Rega TTs. Anything under 280 grams is acceptable and won't damage the 24 V motor.

The Clearaudio Clever clamp is relatively cheap and works extremely well on Ragas.
I used to own the same table/cart combo and had exactly the same experience. Consider the black delrin platter from Groovetracer. I found the sound much fuller than with the stock glass platter.
Thanks for the great advice! everyone.