VTA adjustment for Linn LP-12

I just installed a Michell Tecnoarm on my LP 12. It's a real pain to make adjustments to the height of the arm - one has to be able to reach under and inside the table....not the most efficient operation :(

I have an Origin Live threaded adjuster, but that doesn't make things much easier.

Can someone suggest a VTA adjuster that can be used without reaching into the underside of the Linn? Riggle VTAF? Anything else?
VPIs is good but even though I am a dealer I have not had one in so long I am not sure if it would help, my memory is that it adjusts from the top. I have been thinking about getting one for an LP 12 I have. I think Michell [sp.?] also makes one.
I see I actually spelled Michell correctly, I usually want to add a T; if I had looked at yours I would have known. I was a dealer for them 15 years ago and got a product sheet from them last winter which I thought listed a VTA device but I can't locate it. I know exactly what you are experiencing, I am a VPI dealer and the difference between setting the VTA with the top arms that have adjustment while playing and the standard arms is huge.
If I were you, I'd just suck it up, get the VTA as best as you can with trial and error..and never touch it again. If you put your turntable on 3 big cans of tomatoes or similar objects to raise it, you can work beneath it much easier.