VT-200 in storage for 3 years

I have a pair of Audio Research VT-200's monoblocks. Bought them in 2008, used them for a few weeks, and put them back in the boxes. I've always had neighbors and could never enjoy them.

I decided to power them up after all those years and when I did, the tubes were all arcing. I just assume the tubes need replacing, even thought they were fairly new. Someone told me I should have powered it up with one tube at a time.

However, There was a tiny bit of smoke that came up from the front panel too. I'm wondering if anyone knows what that could be.

Another problem I'm having is, there is nobody reliable who works on these in Los Angeles. At least I can't find anyone.

Any information you guys have on what the problem could be, and where to fix it in Los Angeles would be great.

Joe, send a message through A'gon to Gary (Hifigeek1). Gary is an authorized ARC service tech and may be able to help.
"I'm wondering if anyone knows what that could be."

It sounds like you should have used a variac when you lit them up.

Audio Research knows. Box them up and ship your amps to Audio Research.
You probably blew a side of 6922. Very costly.