VT-100 MKII sonics but need more power

I am looking for a tube amp that has the sonics of the Audio Research VT-100 MKII but with more power say 150 wpc. I would prefer a stereo amp also, but all suggestions welcome. I am putting together a system for a friend with Alon 4 speakers and they have a 12" woofer. I want to have a nice full mid range with sweet highs and control the woofer with a tube amp for now.

I have heard that the VT-200 does not as good sounding as the VT-100 from a close friend who had both.

Thanks for your suggestions and Happy Listening.
Oh yeah, keep the price in the $3K to $4K maximum range if possible.

go mono blocks use VTL 450 SIGNATURES
Hi Big....I agree 100% with mejames. The VTL is outstanding! I had (and still have ) the 100 mk11. However, I purchased the ASL Hurricanes and I am very satisfied. Have you seen my review?
Yes guys I get the picture but I am really looking for a stereo amp if possible so I need some amp suggestions there other wise I have to move the entire system around.

It sort of gets hard to build a stereo tube amp at around 200 wpc because it just gets too large. You need a large, heavy power supply and output tgransformers, so at above 100 wpc you will start seeing more monoblock designs.
It's been a while since I verified the power rating of the VT-100, so I trust that it is 100 wpc (as the name suggests). If that's correct, then you need to amend your thinking about moving from 100 wpc to 150 wpc, because that is only a 1.5 dB increase in power. Generally speaking, you need to double the amount of amplifier power (a 3 dB increase) to be able to hear any real difference in sound pressure level. Hence, you'll need to go from 100 wpc to at least 200 wpc, particularly if your speakers are of average efficiency (in the 86-88 db range). If you have very inefficient speakers (around 83-84 db, or lower), you may even need a 6dB increase (or 4 times more power than the original amp).

As noted above, when you start moving into high-power tube amps, you are also moving into high-cost territory, and usually monoblock designs. If you really like the sound of your VT-100 amp, it might make more sense to look for different speakers with high efficiency -- say, 90 dB or higher. Just remember that for every 3dB increase in speaker efficiency, you can reduce by half the amplifier power needed for a given sound pressure level. If you get speakers that are 6dB more efficient than your current pair, you will only need one-fourth the amplifier power to drive them to comparable volume levels.
Get moving, Mono's are the way to go...VTL-MB 450 Signatures are your answer. You will get some change from a $5. They Rock !
Thanks everyone, it is not the that I want louder versus I want to make sure that the amp can control the large woofer 10" so maybe I just want to make sure that I have enough current? Also, what about the new CJ 140 power amp, 140 wpc stereo amp, is it any good? I am hearing it is one of the best CJ amps that the compnay ever made, I know probably a different sound then the VT-100.

Thanks again.
The ARC VT200 MKI would fit the bill, with power and musicality in spades (it is a great amp). Incidentally, I own the VT100MKII, and I find it to be quite powerful. I am using the VT100 MKII to drive MG 3.5s. The sound is beautiful and robust.
Buy another VT-100 and bi-amp your system.
Biamp with SS.
For bass SS amp I'd recommend McCormack DNA.5. It'll match VT100, give a nice drive to 12" woofer and overall the system will keep the seetness of mids and highs along with tube holographics.
take care about the Vt 200, I understand there are some stability issues. You might want to do a search on that amp, others have reported issues. I believe the problem comes from the bias scheme, it uses matched quads and only has one bias adjustment per quad.

Also, rumor has it that they are discontinouing the vt 200 in favor of the vs 220 moono blocks. This may adversly affect the resale value of this amp.
The VT-200 was reviewed and considered sonically superior to the VT-100 -- more dimensional, more detail, larger sounding. It surprises me that your friend would think the opposite. You can get VT-200 at very attractive prices, i.e. $3,400.
Kwvziek, where is the review yo umention?

I would definatly go mono's. But how about the Rogue Zeus?
I own a VT200 and love it. Had a VT100 II in my system for a while and thought it sounded really good but like yourself was in need of more power. The VT200 does what the 100 does but does it a little bigger and a little better.