VSE Level 5 Sony 9000es vs. Modwright?

I am wondering if anyone has compared a Modwright Sony unit to the VSE Level 5 9000es? I currently have a Sony DVP-9000es with the VSE Level 5 mod, but it won't play back CD-R's, and I believe I read that Dan's mods do have that capability. How do the sonics compare, such as the Platinum Truth upgrade? If Dan's units are CDR compatible, I was considering selling this unit and buying an existing Modwright unit, as it would make more sense than starting over my upgrading my Sony. Thanks for any help!
The 9000ES will NOT play any CD-Rs, but I have found that it WILL play CD-RWs, and they all sound different, most not that great. The best sounding ones I have tried (and they are excellent sounding) are from Fuji.

The mods have nothing to do with CD-R or CD-RW playback. I have a "Bon-Mod" Modwright 9000ES, and wouldn't change it for anything out there. The Fujis sound wonderful on it!