VSA vs. Totem

How do you think that the Totem Forest with subwoofer or Mani 2 Reference would stand up against my VR4 jr's that for the most part I love. I have been tossing around the idea about something different. My amps are the Quicksilver V4 monoblocks (easily 120 tube watts per side).
Another option would be to upgrade my Vr4 jr's (original edition) to the new reference edition. Thanks...Edward
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I have Mani-2's (the original one) with a Rel Storm III in one dedicated room, and VSA VR4genIII's in another. The VR4genIII is a step up from the VR4jr (Albert Von Schweikert's assertion, not mine), though the jr is a slightly newer platform.

If you look at my virtual system you can see the setups. One thing to note, I have swapped the speakers between rooms (one is a dual purpose Music/home theater room), so my judgments about them aren't colored by room influence.

I wouldn't say either is better. They are different, and I'm completely satisfied having both and alternating between them.
What else have you had beside the 4jrs.....I tried them and didnt like them. I went to Revel F52's double the price double the fun. If I had to stay in the same price range I would have kept my Spendors ( I believe I didnt like them due to my room)
Thanks for the input. I'm keeping the VR4jr's. They are great speakers and down the road a little, I'll do the upgrade.