VSA 4 jr upgrade

Have any Von Schweikert Jr. owners upgraded to the newest rendition? What are your impressions. Worth the money?

I'm also curious to hear from those who have moved on from the Jrs. I can't go larger but have been thinking about trying something different. In a small room (12 x 15)can speakers ever disappear?
Actually there are a few modest tweaks which will 'upgrade' your VR4JRs; and, you can do them yourself.

First is to replace the stock mini spikes for the upper, mid unit with Herbies Big Fat Black Dots resulting in sharper imaging and greater clarity; background becomes quieter, imaging becomes more spatially specific, and there is a sense of effortless natural sound that the JRs had not quite reached before. (About $50)
Second: apply Walker SST silver electrical contact enhancer to all driver terminals - this requires removing the drivers temporarily to apply the SST ($75).
Third, while the drivers are off, apply 1/2" stript of Dynamat (avaliable at Auto Parts stores) to the ledge upon which the drivers rest ($20).
These last two tweaks will further improve clarity and dynamics; everything will sound cleaner and faster; although not artificially so.

All of these tweaks together will cost about $145. and are well worth the price and effort.