Hi audiogon. can u give me feedback regard this speaker. is it more suited to big room? Do you think a 24watt SET Integrated amplifier is sufficient to drive it? TQ
I heard it at the HE show in NYC in April, being driven by a VAC 70 wpc in a modest size room. 70 wpc was OK. I would think that the 4JR would be more suitable in a small room with a 24 w SET.
Definitely the 4 SR is not a fav of mine (see my comments in other threads for details). With your setup, I think the VS DB 99 mkII with its 99db sensitivity rating would be a much better fit, and it will sound *way* better, IMO.

I agree with drseid. (especially with 24 wpc SET) The DB99 would be much better and sounds fantastic.