Vr4jr worth 3x Vr3?

I've scraped together ~$1000 for new speakers (moving up from Athena AS-F1's) and the VR3 seem to go for a bit below that here, while the Vr4's are generally 2-3x that. I'm wondering how well the Vr3's replicate the Vr4 sound - which from the descriptions I've read sounds like a balance I'd enjoy.

Is there a better bargain for this price that commonly comes up here that I should be watching for? Thanks

Any speakers will be fed from an Envy 24 soundcard and a Sansui (I'm a student).
I have VR3s and VR4gen III's. The 4's are worth what I paid . . . every dime of it. The VR3's are a steal at the prices they can be found at. You can probably duplicate them with a really good set of monitors or compact floor standers - exept you'd have to add a subwoofer to get the equivalent bass extension. The down side is they're bulky and difficult to ship, and they're not attractive.