Vr4jr's and sub

I have a Rel Storm and use it currently only for HT.Is it worth the effort to set it up to integrate with the VR4's? I don't think I'm lacking bass, but just thought I'd ask other user's.
Remove a handful of batting from the woofer cabinet of both speakers. They are loaded quite tightly. You can always put it back. This will give you more "oomph", for lack of a better word.
I've got a Sunfire sub, but don't use it. I think the Jr's have plenty of bass, especially if they're loaded with lead shot. That, and the required break in time and the Jr's are tough to beat.
Adding a sub (s) to a fullrange system (nearly fullrange in your case) may or may not be an upgrade. If you can get the sub to integrate with the mains... the "potential" is there for more clear midrange reproduction from your VR's...and of course better, and deeper bass.

I have a nearly fullrange speaker system (27 HZ), I do run a pair of large subs with them. In my case the "potintial" becomes fact. My room is fairly large, dedicated... and with no placement restrictions on speakers, or subs.

Looking at your pics, it looks like you may have very few placement options. Hopefully one of the subwoofer placement options that you do have, would offer enough wiggle room for proper integration.

If you do try it...80hz is a good place to start.

I've been thinking of subs as well for my VSR VR4JRs.
Although I probably don't need more bass at loud volumes, I think the ability to use subs as a tone control (since I don't have one on my pre) at lower volume is attractive.

And while the JRs do go low, there is still lower, right?!

Jdod, do you have the JRs crossing in front of the listening position? Just curious, thanks.
Since it's a combined 2 channel HT system, I have a couch with reclining ends. I sit on the right so, since I'm not in the center, I have toed the speakers a little extra to make my spot as close as possible to be the "sweet spot". The right speaker is almost right in front of me. It's not optimal, but it works fairly well. I could probably do a little better, if the room was a little deeper. I am definitely comfortable when listening.
I use a REL Stadium II with my VR4jrs. Yes the jrs go pretty low but as Mjsoa said, there definitely is more lower down.
My Stadium improves the scale of the sound, and on some tracks, adds bass that is felt which adds to the immediacy and atmosphere of the music.