VR4 SE III Owners please help with cable choices..

I am hoping to hear from owners of Von Schweikert VR4SEIII
to find out what speaker cable they have used with success. I am considering running one set for the bass module and a different set for the mid/tweeter modules. I won't be biamping so I am planning on using one set with spades on the amp end and one end with bananas on the amp end. I currently have a set of Coincident TRS speaker cable which I really like. Could I have some recommendations of what you are using? Also what cables didn't work for you. I appreciate your help as always. Any tips or ideas on setup would be more than welcome. Thanks. Nick
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I'm bi-wiring with Harmonic Tech. Fantasy speaker cables and I like them just fine.
Have never tried any other speaker cables on my VR4's.
I've used both the Acoustic Zen Santori and Analysis Plus Oval series cables with my VSA VR4 HSE's, but with different front end equipment, so I can't give you any sort of comparison. Both sounded great to my ears in all frequencies. Either of those brands would be worth auditioning IMHO. I've also heard good things about a company called Signal Cable, but I've yet to hear them. Good Luck.
Try Paul Garner's Verbatim line. Paul is the main setup man for VSA, and his cables are fantastic and very reasonably priced for their performance. You can get his phone number through VSA. Good luck!
Anyone using silver cables on the tweeter/mid portion of the speaker? I am considering Audioquest KE-4 any opinions? Thanks everyone.