VR4 Gen1 + DNA-125 or HCA-2?

I'm fishing for some suggestions. I sold my amp and I am looking for something to mate with my VR4 Gen1's. Both of these amps interest me, but I have not heard any McCormack gear, and only heard an HCA-2 for a short demo right after it came out with some other gear not really like mine. I am open to other suggestions. I would like to find something used for around 1K or less. Any tips out there? Anyone had or familiar with these speakers? Thanks.
I have tried both amps with my 4's (Gen 1's, but with he 4to5 mods) and the DNA was a much better match.

They HCA-2 sounded extremely thin and seemed to run out of power at rather moderate levels of volume.

The DNA amp was fairly smooth, if a bit thin in the mids. Keep in mind, I was trying these amps out while my Rogue 120's were upgraded to 150's, and mids is some of what tubes do best.

VR4 Gen1 + DNA-125 or HCA-2?

Neither. VR4s love tubes. That is what you want. Something with around 100/channel.

I bought my first Counterpoint Amp a while back and sold it to a guy a few years ago with the VR-4s. It sounded so good that I wanted to buy the VR-4s. SA-220 or NP-200 amps are hybrid designs with upgrade paths.

Happy Listening.