VR-4jr spike upgrade

I'm considering upgading my speaker's spikes and am looking for recommendations and comments on how the sound improved. The original narrow brass spikes broke and Von Schweikert gave me steel replacements that are still narrow. I'm thinking about something cone shaped and made of brass.
You can discount this if you want as I am a dealer but Star Sound makes very good ones. I became a dealer because I was using them myself. I just replaced the steel very narrow spikes on my Skylan stands with their cones and it made a large difference. Better bass and transients and more open sound. Not cheap but very well made of solid brass and they do what they say, which is rare enough these days. I use one of their racks as well as them as replacement feet on VPI tables and the .2 Audio Points under my speakers. They come in several styles, the narrow would probably be best; call Robert at Star Sound Technologies , he can advise you. Tell him Stan sent you.
I have been very pleased with the soundocity outriggers. Adjustable, reasonably priced and solid.


(No affiliation with the company)
I've been tweaking my VR4JR for years and the solution I've come to meet your goals is as follows.
First, replace the small spikes between the upper and lower modules with Herbies Dots - he has a kit designed especially for the VR4JRs; it will bring a noticeable improvement in clarity.
Second, order Dayton brass spikes from Parts Express @ $20/4 spikes. You will need a 1/4"-to-MB 1.25/metric adapter from a local hardware store.
Finally, order Herbies Cone/spike decoupling gliders - 4/speaker and place under the spikes. The may appear unnecessary since you will have good spikes but they do take the spiked VRs up to another level of refinement. And, all Herbies producs are returnable/refundable - but I think you'll keep them once you try them.
These adaptations will bring an significant increase in dynamics and clarity to an already outstanding speaker.

One more thing, I have tweaked my VR4JRs position over the years but did not get them to their true potential until I used the XLO Reference Disk - available at Amazon.com for about $25. The disk helped me to easily place the speakers ideally and brought them to a level I hadn't thought possible regarding soundstaging and imaging - images now float free of the speakers. Now, I am so captivated by the music coming from the VR4JRs look forward daily to listening after work.
I'm not sure I understand what you are saying about the spikes. My speakers need a 3/8-16 thread for the spikes and when I checked Parts Express, they didn't have any that would fit. Are you saying that I actually need a metric thread spike and when I tested for what the threads where, it just so happens that the 3/8-16 is close enough to a metric, that it fit?