VR-4jr or Gallo Nucleus Reference 3

Von Scheikert Audio VR-4jr or Gallo Nucleus Reference 3 with it's Gallo subwoofer amplifier (see the great review in the new Absolute Sound- cover story) . I have finally narrowed my choice in loudspeakers down to these two. The difference in the amount of money is not the issue here, but the sound is. Has anybody heard both speakers? What are your thoughts? Or does anyone just have an opinion on either one that they would like to share? My room is 13Ft. by 15 ft. It's main use is for the audio system (the TV is in another room. My amps are dual monoblock Quicksilver M80s (80 strong watts per). I like all types of creative music. I am looking for speakers with a great soundstage and imaging. I like good dynamics and low base when it is called for. Any helpful suggestions on which speaker to decide on would be greatly appreciated. I don't have the luxery to listen to either one before I order them. Thanks, Edward
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Celebrer..Conventional wisdom on the Von schweikerts is that they MUST have the plinth filled, preferably with lead shot, but it adds 80 or so pounds to the shipping weight so who knows whether the ones you heard were filled. As for directionality of low bass, i am a believer. For years, the sub manufacturuers have been telling ups that bass has no directional characteristics. Maybe that is so, but like everything, even the lowest note has higher harmonics. i was astonished at how i could pick out the VERY loud large bass drum's location on the new Living Stereo SACD of Pictures at an Exhibition with my new Dali's. Mybe it is my brain playing tricks on me, but the very low component came from the same exact spot outside of my left speaker as the higher tones from the striking of the head. Go figure ;-)
Hi, I own a pair of the 938 Hyperions. They are the best speakers I have ever owned, but then again I have not auditioned the other two speakers in its price ranged mentioned in this thread.

If it is worth anything , I can tell you my thoughts on how it compared to my megabuck Avantgarde DUO's with modified bass units for improved bass performance (over the much critised standard bass units). After a weeks constant burn in I sat down and listened to my first reference CD. My very first impressions were 'yes, well done Luke, much better than the duo's'. Why?, well they imaged in proportions that seemed more realistic. The Avantgardes had huge images of each musician. The 938 captured the hall ambience and detail. There was more transparency in the midrange, YES that is more transparency. I was able to feel and see the instrumentalists better due to better resolution of inner detail and tonal colours.I was free of that artificial etched quality the Duos always had me nit picking at. The bass, well quite frankly even in its modified upgraded form the duo's bass was either a joke or the 938's had superb bass. They were also seemless from top to bottom. Compared to the duo the dynamics were not far behind at all to my major surprise. I really never once felt that there was a trade off with dynamics! You simply forget you are listening to a speaker and concentrate on the music. That is the first time I can say that has ever happened to me. My previous speakers were Audio Physic Avantis, Harbeth monitors, all much much dearer than the |Hyperions.

I have numerous set ups, that is numerous valve and power amps to switch and change with. Si each speaker hada good run for itys money.
Dear Audiojoy4,
Can you elaborate on the gear you arerunning with your 938s right now? I am trying to get hold of the DK Design VS1 MKII, if the combination matches, this will sure be the biggest bang for the buck system in audio history.

Sorry to hijack your thread but I sincerely feel that you should audition the Hyperions...

Hi Roy,

the set up is as follows:

Manley Retro monos with TJ300Bs
Django transformer based passive preamp.
Verdier platine (battery run,ebony tonearm support)/Graham Van den hul colibra
Stevens and Billington MC step up transformer
Graham slee mm (modified)
APL SACD 1000 cd/sacd player.
All cables homemade.
Audioplan filters.

I own a pair of Vr-4jrs and believe that when properly set up and placed into the correct system they are very good. I am using a 80wpc tube (air tight) amp and it sounds great. However, remember that the most imporant part of any Hi fi system is the recording. People should really spend lots more time hunting for good recordings than switching gear. The gear can only play what is on the source material.

That being said a good front end is imporant as well. I use a Vimak transport and EAD DAC and a Aud. Ill's. pre-amp.

Base is excellent, my only complaint is that the high's may be just a bit too layed back. A little too polite.

Just my 2 cents.