VR-4jr or Gallo Nucleus Reference 3

Von Scheikert Audio VR-4jr or Gallo Nucleus Reference 3 with it's Gallo subwoofer amplifier (see the great review in the new Absolute Sound- cover story) . I have finally narrowed my choice in loudspeakers down to these two. The difference in the amount of money is not the issue here, but the sound is. Has anybody heard both speakers? What are your thoughts? Or does anyone just have an opinion on either one that they would like to share? My room is 13Ft. by 15 ft. It's main use is for the audio system (the TV is in another room. My amps are dual monoblock Quicksilver M80s (80 strong watts per). I like all types of creative music. I am looking for speakers with a great soundstage and imaging. I like good dynamics and low base when it is called for. Any helpful suggestions on which speaker to decide on would be greatly appreciated. I don't have the luxery to listen to either one before I order them. Thanks, Edward
I don't think the Ref 3s necessarily require a lot of wattage as I am perfectly content with 50 watts. I do think that large scale classical music sometimes requires a lot of wattage. The Gallos sound great with 50 watts for the kind of music I listen to, and I'm sure they do well with low powered SET. In fact, I think these speakers make a particularly nice match to SET, and I wouldn't consider changing to anything else.

That said, I listen to large scale classical music infrequently. When I do listen to classical, I prefer listening through large, high-powered amplifiers. I prefer listening to nearly everything else through low powered SET.

In my opinion, a music system should be built around an individual's personal tastes. Very few, if any, systems do everything right for everyone (although the Ref 3s come as close as I've heard). A previous post had mentioned large scale classical music, and I was trying to talk specifically to that post. I wouldn't recommend the use of a low powered SET amp to primarily play large scale classical (with the exception of pairing it to an ultra-sensitive speaker like an Avantgarde), just as I wouldn't recommend a monster 250 watt solid state amp to listen primarly to jazz quartets. Just my opinion.

Hopefully, this clears up any confusion from my previous post.

Hello again. Thanks very much for your opinions of both speakers. How would you respond to the not so positive remarks on the VR4jrs on the speaker forum post 'Who makes a "true" transmission line speaker?' Thanks again,Edward.
I've heard both of speakers with some very expensive front end gear and well as with mid-priced gear. I believe you will get more mileage out of the VRs. The Gallo's are quite nice, but I fear they will not be able to resolve what your gear is capable of if you start upgrading your source and amplification. The VRs will take you much farther before they become the limiting factor. BTW, neither of these would be on my short list in this price range.