VR-1 vs Quad 12L??


Which one of these two speakers would be smoother and
neutral sounding and not aggressive and in your face type
sound?? VR-1 or Quad 12L

I need new bookshelf and my gear is ---

Musical Fidelity A3 integ amp
Cambrdige Audio Azur 640C
Analysis Plus speaker and interconnects

Thank You
I've owned both and really enjoyed them. NOt to confuse the issue, but I would describe the VR-1 as more neutral & accurate, and the quad more 'smooth'. Neither is 'in your face. Overall preference for me was the quads because I heard more 'emotion' coming through to me. I would also say they have a slightly warmer sound. They are fine,
The VR's seem to drop like a rock in resale value, so if buying used you will probably get a better deal on them.
I haven't auditioned the Quad's but I have auditioned the VR 1's w/my Arcam 10p amp and Nakamichi CA-5 pr-amp. Room is aproximately 12x14'w/8' ceilings. These spks. sound fantastic. Perfect for the room and my tastes. (Ordering a pr. very shortly!) As far as holding value, hardly anything in audio does. Good Luck!