VR-1 amp match?

Which integ amp will be the best match for the
Von Schweikert VR-1's----

NAD C352 or Cambridge 840A?

I would personally try a tube integrated if it were me. Maybe by Jolida, Manley, or Melody.
The NAD has plenty of beef to drive these speakers correctly. I own these speakers mated with the VS1 subwoofer for my home theater rig..I also use the VR1 speaker stands...I'm using a 120 watt a side Consonance REf 150 hybrid integrated...these speakers like power and the hybrid lets me get some tube benefits.If you really like solid state I'd get a used BAT VK200 or McCormack DNA .5....much better sounding than your choices and not hugely more expensive...you'll be happier in the long run and save on equipment upgrade costs.
I tried a Jolida tube integrated and it just didn't sound as good with the VR-1s as the Creek 5350SE that I still have. A truly great integrated amp and a keeper for a long time.