VPI Weisline Tonearm cable - Have not found any discussion on this cable

Hello phono heads,
Has anyone in this forum owned the  VPI Weisline Tonearm cable? What's your take? 
My setup: VPI Prime, Kiseki Purple Heart, Herron Audio VTPH-2A. Naturally I would think it should be a good match.
Thanks for your time.
Not seeing anything on the 'Weisline' but VPI forum has a discussion on Cables ...
Hello CD,
I replaced the stock tonearm cable on my MoFi UltraDeck this morning with the VPI Weisline Tonearm Cable.

The music comes alive, and the presentation is huge and holographic.
Simply amazing what a high-end cable can do.

I think the VPI Weisline cable can really bring out the best in your system.
Parasound JC 3+ and PrimaLuna EVO 400 Pre