VPI users, what cartridge???

I am in the near future going to order a VPI Scout w/the JMW-9 tonearm. On my current turntable I have a Clearaudio Aurum Beta S cartridge, which I like very much; however before I blindly go and order another Aurum Beta S, I was wondering what are some of the current VPI owners using?

Most of my listening is either classical (all types) or jazz, and my amps are ARC SP-15 and the ARC D-130 into a pair of Harbeth 7's.

Thanks for the input.

I am using a Dynavector 20X on my Scout. It mates very nicely with the JMW arms.
Dynavectors are a popular match with the JMW, but many of the medium compliance cartridges out there will work fine on that arm. You have a wide selection.
With my HW19MkIV/JMW I'm using a Koetsu Rosewood.
HW19MKIV/Graham1.5T/VDH Black Beauty/XLOsignature phono cable. It really depends on how far you want to go. To my ears, HW19MKIV is a great buy. I really like VDH cartridge sound. My first experience with VDH is from my previous TT setup. I had EMT930ST with EMT cartidge made my VDH. The EMT930ST is probably one of the best table out there for the money. My got tired of playing with freq for the power source to make it stable (I got the 50 hz version instead of 60 hz) before I realized that there was such device like VPI SDS or the Walker version AC freq controller and traded it for the VPI/Graham combo. The upside is that VPI/Graham is a cleaner sound.
Koetsu Urushi Black on a JMW 10.5/Aries tracking at 1.98 grams into a 100 Ohm load into a Krell KPE phono stage. Oh yeah, Harmonic Technologies phono cables, not using the ground wires, and one twist of the arm wires to provide a smidge of antiskate.
I always liked the sound of the Benz Glider. This cartridge knows how to make music. A wonderful midrange, and the company will give you credit on a tradeback or upgrade.